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  • SJinFernie

    Dancehall by Whistler Medical

    Dancehall has proven to be a very effective strain for uplifting my mood and getting me motivated.   My preferred method is vaporization because I like the rapid onset & enjoy the flavour of the flower with this method. It is a 1:1 sativa-dominant hybrid with  ~ 7% THC & ~8% CBD.  What’s fascinating to me about this uplifting hybrid is that the dominant terpene is Myrcene, which has a sedating effect for many people. The cost is on the higher end at $14/gram but given that I have found success with it & don’t need to consume high doses to meet my needs I don’t mind the price.

    For those of you experiencing thyroid issues: When my thyroid hormone levels are low I experience hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue & decreased energy. So the first thing I do when I start to experience these symptoms is book an appointment with my Naturopath MD. Once my thyroid levels have been checked and a medication adjustment is made, it takes 3-6 weeks to get the hormone levels back up into normal range. During those 6 weeks I have learned that I can choose how I react to those symptoms. Some days I embrace them & allow myself to rest, do nothing & keep things simple.  Other days I choose cannabis, & Dancehall is a strain I reach for to help me get active & get outside.  For myself,  it’s very important that I have a plan in place before I consume. From having my shoes, water bottle & dog leash ready to go, or choosing the trail I’m going to bike.

    Dancehall is a strain that helps me achieve goals & accomplishing goals feels good.

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