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  • AshleighBrown

    Community Rules

    1. Keep it clean. Pornography, partisan politics, religion, hate speech, abusive language and all that jazz are not welcome, but you are!

    2. Keep it legal. There is no space for any material that references illicit drugs, guns, knives and any other product or service under the current law which is illegal.

    3. Keep it kind. If you wouldn’t use language or tone with your loved ones, don’t use it here.

    4. Keep an eye out: if you see something that you feel is in violation of the Strainprint community, be a good human and report it to the moderators.

    5. Keep it spam free: This includes all unsolicited advertising and irrelevant content.

    It’s with your continuous feedback that we can improve this community and make sure this is a place you’ll look forward to spending time in!
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