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  • MrLeabeter

    CBD Pet Dosage Calculator

    The Easy Way to Figure Out The Correct CBD Dosage for Pets Congratulations on your purchase of CBD oil for your pet’s health. Many people have seen the benefits of CBD for pet health and wellness, and we’re sure your four-legged fur baby is going to love you even more for the purchase. You may be wondering what the rig

    I posted this link as a response to a couple of other posts, but I thought I’d share it as it’s own standalone post so that it’s easy for others to find in the future.
    This is a dosage calculator that I’ve used and recommended to many friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. All of the responses I’ve got from sharing this calculator have been positive, including one of the vet techs at my vet, and a friend who’s also a veterinarian.
    As the site advises, start at the lowest dosage and work your way up slowly until you see the symptoms alleviate. If you see any adverse reactions please don’t continue to administer CBD oil.
    I’m not affiliated with Innovet in any way and I’m also not a vet, so please due your own due diligence before deciding to treat any of your pet’s ailments with CBD oil.

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