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  • suzyjo120

    Cannabis healed my wart

    Plantar warts — Learn about causes, treatment, prevention of these hard, sometimes painful growths that appear on the heels or bottom surfaces of the feet.

    I’ve had a few warts in my day. I had a horrible Plantars wart on my heel just before becoming a teen and the doctor had to freeze and scrape it over the course of weeks. It was so painful even when he froze it that I still don’t like the bottoms of my feet touched! Since I got Lyme I’ve had a few warts again. They can be a sign of a weakened immune system. Who knew they are caused by HPV? This last wart was really burning and sore. I tried both Compound W and cannabis oil on it. I used different oils depending on whether or not I felt like going downstairs to get my fridge ointment or just use the olive oil infusion in my bathroom. All of the oils are high THC. Low and behold, the cannabis oil worked much better and faster than Compound W. The oil immediately took away the pain and I only had to apply it twice a day to feel no pain. And it’s healed in record time. Here’s some info about plantars warts:


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