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    Bodystream and multiple LP

    Hi Everyone! So far I have asked a few questions, but I haven’t had much to contribute until now.

    I currently use Bodystream for my medical clinic Rx. During my renewal appointment this week, I asked to have 3 LP instead of my current of just 1.

    The Dr. was happy to to that, but when the it came to doing it, the clerical staff said that Bodystream’s policy was to only allow 2 LP.

    I told them that by law there was no maximum, and that if they would not acomodate me, I would simply go to another clinic. They said they would speak to their manager and get back to me.

    In under a couple hours, I received a call saying it wasn’t a problem and which 3 LP I wanted to use.

    Just wanted to share my experience with Bodystream in case it helps others.

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