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  • Songbringer

    Best Oil For Making Suppositories

    After reading some advice here about the use of cannabis suppositories for pelvic pain, I’ve decided I will make my own and give it a try. However, I haven’t a clue what may be the best oil to use for this purpose…CBD drops, THC drops, or the 1:1 drops. What is everyone’s experience with these? Does this method of medicating work consistently well? Also, I am wondering if anyone here has first hand experience with a full hysterectomy and using these…does this have any bearing on the use and/or efficacy of them after this, or any factual articles on this. Thanks 🙂

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  • AshleighBrown

    An option for supps that uses LP oils is to mix with cacao butter or even coconut oil (not MCT)
    It often comes down to the mold: some people use novelty ice cube trays, others use straws, and other use proper suppository molds.
    One big hack for this is to use actual capsules filled with oil. They may take a bit longer to dissolve but many people on the interwebs prefer this because it is fast and insertion is easy. I have yet to try this: all of mine have been made with coconut oil and LP oil and frozen. I haven’t tried lecithin either.

  • AshleighBrown

    Spread the LoveMaking Your Own Cannabis Oil Suppositories Ingredients 1 gram (1000 mg) of THC oil – Start with 50 mg per suppository. (Use whatever product you prefer. Use a lab tested product that you can use in a measured dosage). 250 mg of CBD oil – Optional; Start with …

    There are some links to Youtube videos for DIY supps including one with capsules 🙂

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