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Strainprint Forums Product Reviews: Vapes & More Bee line Hemp wick

  • vampireheart333

    Bee line Hemp wick

    Bee line hemp wick. I bought this the other day at cannabis store called sweet leaf that was right next to my tattoo parlour. While waiting for my appointment I decided to check the store out dang what a nice store. Anyways back to the wick. After walking around I spotted the wicks and after reading some comments on the wicks I had to pick it up especially since it was a great price. $1.97 for a nice amount.

    Now for the review: the wick is made with hemp and covered in bees wax ???? it’s got a nice soft feel to it which is nice when passing the wick back and forth. The smell is nice. It burns nice with no smoke and a beautiful red flame. The taste is just as amazing, I made sure to use a strain that I have used before with my lighter to be able to taste the difference and oh boy do you taste the difference. The terpenes jumped out of the smoke and I could taste almost all of them like if I had been using my vape. I really have been enjoying this way to light up my medication and for the price it’s just as awesome.


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