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Strainprint Forums Product Reviews: Vapes & More ALD Amaze Wow – A newbie look at a great first vaporizer!

  • rbrownm1

    ALD Amaze Wow – A newbie look at a great first vaporizer!

    Little background: New to the community and to cannabis. Searched for reviews on the ALD Amaze and couldn’t find many despite it being a great vaporizer. So I decided to write my own in an attempt to help anyone who may be on the hunt for a great first/portable vaporizer. Cheers!

    ALD Amaze – Wow

    In my opinion this is one of the best, lesser known vaporizers on the market. And having been a newbie who started with this device I realize now why it was recommended to me. It’s small. Easy to use. NOT intimidating and well built.

    The Device:
    It’s small but just…fits? I like that it’s narrower than others, so it sits in my hand without feeling like i’m holding a deck of cards. Be careful not to cover over the intake holes on the side like I did the first couple times. Easy to turn on (standard 5 clicks on the main button) and the epitome of a functional display. It gives you the heating temp in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Your desired temp. Number of rounds/cycles. And the elapsed time the unit has been on. Plus a basic battery level. That’s it. No counting flashes. No morse code. Just the information you would want in an easy to read display.

    Plastic. Which I know turns a lot of people off however, when we are talking about an affordable highly portable vape it is more important how easy it is to clean and assemble it. You have the option of not using the metal screen (disk with holes) when using the canisters because they tend to prevent any of the small particles from leaving and potentially getting inhaled. If you were just placing your herb directly into the chamber you would want to use one. They “easily slip inside the rubber grommet”….not so much. I found it difficult to remove these to clean them and ended up tearing the rubber seal with the sharp edge of the screen. Ordered a new one from Aliexpress. NBD. However be extra cautious.
    All that aside. I feel like this mouthpiece has a much more natural feel to it than others. Meaning the shape your mouth takes when you draw feels more comfortable and not like you are trying to form the whistling O emoji mouth face.

    Ease of Use:
    5 Clicks – 60ish seconds and go. I like how you can click twice and it’ll pause the heating cycle but stay powered on. And now we arrive at the charger I love to use and hate to lose. A USB to magnetic proprietary round adapter end is included.
    Who doesn’t like that satisfying snap of a power cord when you go to charge? But…I’ve misplaced it twice. And while digging through micro USB after micro USB in my junk drawer I realized this will frustrate some. Especially when considering the battery life is alright? But not class leading. It would have been nice to stick with an industry standard instead of going to a proprietary connection. This way you could travel with the vaporizer and never be far from being able to borrow a cable. With this you are bringing that little snapper with you.
    If you can swing it, for 3500 pts you can grab the ALD accessory kit (extra cable, mouthpiece and canisters) from Strainprint or online. If you were to lose the charging cable you’d be hooped. So keep that in mind.
    Lastly, I’m a organizational nerd (long before someone made a show about it) and need to keep my vapes, cords, canisters and doo-hickeys organized. I looked for a case for the WOW but couldn’t find one that was designed for it. Off to the dollar store and grabbed a glasses case for $1.50. It fits flat and allows me to keep one in the chamber and two canisters beside the mouthpiece. #cheapwin

    Size of the bowl:
    So here is where you can view this as either a pro or a con depending on your usage. What attracted me to the WOW was the chambers/canisters. I like being able to grind up any amount I want and prefill the canisters for when I need them. Even better is that I can fill them with different stains depending on what I might need if I’m going out. I normally keep a high CBD as my main go to with one chamber filled with the opposite high THC if my day starts to get a little hairy. That being said, I quickly learned as a newbie that the amount in each chamber is really quite small compared to most other vaporizers or a joint. Yet another reason why this is my go-to vape. I like being able to carry individual amounts of different strains or forgo the canisters and keep one strain with you directly into the ceramic heating chamber.

    What’s in the box
    1-Vaporizer with digital display and ceramic chamber
    2-Herb canisters (you will inevitably want more!)
    1-Cleaning Brush
    1-Little spoon scraper thing
    1-Magnetic Charging Cable
    1-User Manual


    Strainprint Points 6000
    About $60 CDN from Aliexpress

    Overall: My first vape and my go-to. The display, mouthpiece and convenience of the canisters combine to make an investment you wont regret. The charging cable and smaller chamber size should be something to keep in mind but don’t let it hold you back. You’ll be Amazed (corny joke? don’t mind if I do)

    8.5 / 10

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