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    A TerpNerd Attempts to Grow Cannabis

    I like to go deep down the rabbit hole on pretty much anything I find interesting and man, can you ever go down the rabbit hole of growing cannabis (you guys, did you know people pee on their plants sometimes…I mean what is that?!). After months of reading, youtubing, patreoning even redditting in the cannabis growing underbelly I found my way out and I have decided it’s officially go time. This TerpNerd has decided to grow the cannabis and I was hoping to take you all along for the ride, that is, if you’re down.

    There are so many things to consider when growing cannabis; indoors or outdoors, where to get your seeds, autoflower or photoperiod, nutrients, growing mediums…heck, you could spend a week just deciding what pots to grow in, never mind the size of the pot – it’s so overwhelming right? I said to myself “Self, if I’m feeling this overwhlemed by it all, I’m sure most every other non-grower feels that way too” so I figured I’d walk you through what I’m up to week by week so you can laugh at my failures and hopefully celebrate in my successes as I move my way through my grow and maybe learn a thing or two and gain the confidence to start your own grow!

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