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Edible Regulations 101

Edible Regulations 101

Edibles are the buzzword right now with the legalization of cannabis-infused foods, beverages and topicals coming this fall. 

Canada is expecting it’s unofficial second wave of legalization this October, with a new set of cannabis products becoming legal. While they won’t be lining the shelves in store and online until mid-December, Canadian’s are excited for legal access to products like edibles, beverages, topicals, and extracts that have remained illegal during the inaugural year of federal legalization.

Health Canada has released a comprehensive set of guidelines that must be followed in the manufacturing and sale of these new cannabis products. The new regulations come into effect on Oct. 17, 2019 and require a 60 day notice of intent to sell any of the new products. Due to the 60 day stipulation from Health Canada, it is estimated that a few companies will be able to release these products mid-December, with more variety and vendors in the new year.

The Regulations

Edibles and Beverages

  • 10mg THC per package
  • Limits of caffeine
  • Nutrition Facts Table
  • Must not make dietary claims

Cannabis Extracts

  • Maximum 10mg THC per unit
  • Maximum 1000mg THC per package
  • No caffeine or added sugars
  • Maximum package size of 7.5 g for extracts if over 3% THC
  • Maximum package size of 90 mL for liquid extracts if under 3% THC

Cannabis-infused Topicals

  • THC limit of 1000mg per package
  • For use only on nails, skin or hair
  • Not for use in eyes, or on damaged skin


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