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Containing Cannabis Scent: Bringing your Cannabis Consumption Inside

Containing Cannabis Scent: Bringing your Cannabis Consumption Inside

By: Liana M Scott

Cannabis, in its varied forms, has the potential to single us out in a crowd. Why? The smell, of course. It’s something we’ve all had to deal with. Whether you smoke it, vape it, or cook it for use in making edibles, oils, topicals, or tinctures, when cannabis is heated (known as decarboxylation), it produces a very distinct aroma, some of which can actually stick to our clothing. So what can you do about containing cannabis scent?

Consuming Through Inhalation

Consuming cannabis outdoors can be lovely – if it’s summertime in Canada, you live in California, or you’re not tethered to your desktop vaporizer. For those of us living in countries that experience all four seasons quite distinctly; rain-drenched springs, blustery autumns, and winters of -20o temperatures, tripping out to the backyard or the garage to smoke, vape, or use a bong, simply isn’t feasible. It’s borderline cruel!

Keeping local laws in mind that may prohibit cannabis smoking and vaping in the same way that tobacco is prohibited, here are a few tips for mitigating odours while consuming cannabis through inhalation.

  • Generally speaking, vaping cannabis produces the least amount of odour as compared to smoking it or using a bong.
  • Use a personal air filter/purifier like the Smoke Buddy or Eco Four Twenty. Essentially, inhale your cannabis, exhale into the device. Both of these, and others, are available on Amazon.
  • If you’re looking for a DIY personal air filter – often referred to as a sploof – stuff or cover (using an elastic band to hold in place) a spent toilet-paper roll with a dryer sheet and exhale into it. Yes, a paper-towel roll will work too.

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  1. I made "spoofs" as we called them in highschool because i lived with my parents. Im an adult now with a prescription for medical cannabis. For 2 years i lived with my young niece. I smoked outside and used a "spoof" Outside so she wouldn't be exposed to 2nd hand smoke. And the spoof so she wouldn't recognize or get used to the smell.
    As for me after i "medicate" i just change into clean clothes before heading out and wash my hands.if need be.
    The smell is part and parcel. But Spoofs or sploofs do work.

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