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Cannabis for Conditions: How CBD Works to Fight Inflamation

Cannabis for Conditions: How CBD Works to Fight Inflamation

Inflammation involves the normal response of the body to repair cells damaged by injury, infection, or an allergic reaction. This healthy type of inflammation, also referred to as acute inflammation usually covers a localized area. The symptoms of acute inflammation may cause discomfort but generally are not life-threatening. The type of inflammation associated with autoimmune and other  diseases falls under the category of chronic inflammation.

Treating pain caused by inflammation:

Using pain relievers such as ibuprofen does not generally present a problem when used to relieve acute or localized pain and inflammation. However, in the case of chronic inflammation, prolonged and frequent usage of NSAIDs may lead to severe side effects, especially in older adults. Additionally, not all patients with chronic inflammation find the relief they’re looking for with NSAIDs.

Cannabis and inflammation

CBD presents another option to help with the pain of conditions caused by chronic inflammation. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating which makes it ideal to use during the day. However, THC also contains essential healing properties, and often cannabis needs to contain both CBD and THC for maximum medicinal effects. This is often referred to as the entourage effect.

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