Strainprint Featured in The Washington Post

With pot legalized, job openings surge in Canada’s cannabis industry.

Strainprint Featured in The Alternative Food Network- The Health Affects of Cannabis

Have a listen to our Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Stephanie Karasick as she interviews alongside Dr. Danial Schecter on the Alternative Food Network podcast on the Health Effects of Cannabis.

Michelle Arbus Interview with Business of Cannabis for Green + Silver

Michelle Arbus joined Business of Cannabis to talk about how the data that she will be presenting identifies trends among older cannabis users and what that means for medical cannabis patients.

Strainprint Featured In Newswire – VIVO Cannabis Inc. Subscribes to Strainprint Technologies to Maximize Patient Treatment Experience

Strainprint Featured in BotaniQ Magazine – What Led To the Creation of the World's Largest Longitudinal, Observational Cannabis Study?

Cannabis is ours to own, and ours to discover. Strainprint is helping us collect what we know, and what we’re yet to discover into one place – one data point at a time.  

Strainprint Featured In CBC News – Why Cannabis Companies See Huge Potential In Marketing To Women

After years of study, marketers see vast potential in an array of cannabis products aimed at women

Michelle and Noah Featured on Humble & Fred Radio

Newest additions to the Strainprint team- Noah and Michelle joined Humble & Fred to talk all things cannabis! Follow our Strainprint Features Playlist on YouTube to stay tuned in and up to date on what we’re doing at Strainprint.